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Little chalice with screw cap to bring Holy Communion to the sick
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priest vestment price

We ship our items with EMS Post, shipping price depends of destination country and weight of parcel. Normal shipping time to the US and Canada 7-9 days, with international tracking number. Contact information, organization requisites, return policy you will find here 

Priest vestments set (Russian and Greek style)  – from 560$ for set without sticharion and without chalice covers, made with Russian church silk or some types of brocade. For set with chalice covers and sticharion and made with different style of brocade of with embroidery – other price, with should be discussed.  

Deacon, protodeacon sets, Greek style deacon sets – 490$, exact price depends of fabric, embroidery style, depends of orarion and cuffs – everything discussed.

Simply cassock, under-cassock style made with black fabric without embroidery – from 260$, in other colors without or with embroidery – price discussed.

Sticharion under vestment, podriznik – from 150$

Embroidered priest vestment set – from 650$

Embroidered eagle rug – from 310$

Shrouds of Christ and Theotokos – from 680$ price depends on size and embroidery style.

Priest hat - from 105$ depends on style.

Miter – from 535$ for simple miter, exact price depends on style of embroidery, style of icons and stones according photo of style that you will choose. Please, ask about exact style you want.

Priest Cross, Pectoral Cross – this page shows Crosses with from 480 $ for simple style Cross without stones. Please, ask about exact style you want.

Simple priest cross – from 190$, depends of  individual preferences concerning chain, style of cross, type of covering. Please, ask about exact style you want.

Wooden-metal priest Cross, panagia – price from 480$ - very unique, rare technique of work. Please, ask about exact style you want.

Wooden priest Cross – from 290$ depends of style of covering, you can choose your own style. Please, ask about exact style you want.

Bishop, encolpion panagia – from 890$, depends on style, chain, stones.

Censers – from 210$ depends on style and size.

Altar cross – icon sets – from 1500$ (big heavy)

Blessing cross, altar cross – from 560$, depends on style and size.

Censer (jewelry) – from 480$

Church candle stands – from 390$ depends on style and size.

Requiem candle stands – from 490$ depends on style and size.

Litiya Trays – from 505$

Seven-branch candlstand – from 670 $ for big style.

Church lectern, analoj – 310$

Church furniture – 540$ for simple altar chair.

Zeon, teplota sets – from 230$.

Big metal church banners  - 1200$ for set.

Baptismal Fonts – from 1700$.

Unction plate  - from 260$.

Bishop dikirion-trikirion set – from 680$.

Vessels for water blessing – from 345$.

Wooden cross – from 210$.

Plate for preparing communion prosphora – 10$.

Paschal three-candle holder Cross – from 510$.

Easter lantern – from 470$.

Wedding crowns – from 490$ for set.

Aspergillum – from 50$